Causas de abandono de la lactancia materna y factores de éxito para la relactación

Dora Isabel Giraldo Montoya, Francy Edith López Herrera, Alexandra Marcela Quirós Jaramillo, Andrea Agudelo Gómez, Sara María Sierra Cano, Daniela Agudelo Restrepo

    Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter as a result of researchpeer-review


    Objective: To identify the causes of breastfeeding abandonment and the success factors associated with relactation in mothers with children attended in a specialised health institution. Methodology: Descriptive transversal design through non-probabilistic convenience sampling, with 100 mothers and their children. A structured survey was used and central tendency measurements and frequencies were analysed. The study was approved by the Ethics committee of the School of Health Sciences at the University Pontificia Bolivariana. Results: The average age was 26.8 years; 73 % had a low socioeconomic level; 59 % were cohabitating; 46 % were housewives; 32 % had a high school degree; 57 % were first-time mothers; 74 % had a high obstetric risk; and 59 % had children by caesarean section. Causes of breastfeeding abandonment were newborn hospitalization (79 %) and low birth weight (52 %). Health professionals suggested substitutes for hypogalactia in 18 % of the mothers. Incorrect maternal posture: 66.1 and 61 % with no previous experience. Relactation success factors were: chronological age under one month (48 %); effective newborn breast sucking (89 %); good newborn breast grasping (71 %). During the non-breastfeeding period, 72 % received mixed milk, 82 % did not breastfeed between 8 and 30 days, 98 % of the mothers were willing to relactate, 91 % considered the support of their families and health professionals as good. Conclusion: Children hospitalization was the main cause of breastfeeding abandonment and the main success factors for relactation were effective breast sucking, mothers’ readiness and support.
    Original languageSpanish (Colombia)
    Title of host publicationAquichan
    Number of pages10
    StatePublished - 2020

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