Extração e atividade antioxidante da sericina, uma proteína da seda

Translated title of the contribution: Extraction and antioxidant activity of sericin, a protein from silk

Gabriela Andrea Miguel, Catalina Álvarez-López

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    Sericin is a globular protein that represents 20% to 30% of the silk fiber from Bombyx mori silkworm cocoon. This protein is usually removed from the raw fiber and discarded by silk producers, a process known as degumming. However, sericin possesses significant biological properties that allows its application in various fields. The antioxidant activity is one of its most relevant benefits. Several authors have reported its anti-tyrosinase activity, lipid peroxidation inhibition and free radical neutralization. The antioxidant potential of sericin protein varies according to the extraction method used. Even though a wide variety of extraction techniques have been studied, simple technics including water at high temperature have exhibited efficient results. Furthermore, this method does not interfere with the safety of sericin for subsequent applications in food.

    Translated title of the contributionExtraction and antioxidant activity of sericin, a protein from silk
    Original languagePortuguese
    Article numbere2019058
    JournalBrazilian Journal of Food Technology
    StatePublished - 2020

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    • Biological properties
    • Bombyx mori
    • Degumming
    • Food application
    • Lipid oxidation
    • Oxidative stress
    • Tyrosinase activity


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