Heating device based on modified microwave oven: Improved to measure liquid temperature by using fbg sensors

Jesus Garavito, Carlos Galvis, Ana Milena López, Arlet Patricia Franco, Francisco Barreiro, Rosa Liliana Tarazona, Claudia Milena Serpa-Imbett

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    A prototype device based on a modified domestic microwave oven for liquid food products pasteurization is presented. This novel design has a coiling glass pipe adapted inside a microwave cavity to allow liquid continuous flow, in which several temperature optical sensors based on Fiber Bragg Grating were installed to measure, by means of contact, the circulating liquid temperature in the pipe, while the oven is on, to obtain the profile temperature as a function of time at different pipe points. The temperatures at liquid input and output were also measured with thermocouples. This device was tested to establish how well it may perform using different standardized liquids with well-known physicochemical and dielectric properties, such as water, water with dissolved sugars, water with dissolved salts, and water with dissolved sugars and salts. It could be observed that the maximum temperature reached was 90 C for distilled water, 80 C for water with dissolved salts, 60 C for water with dissolved sugars and 80 C for water with dissolved sugars and salts, showing that these data were in agreement with previous results in the literature. This type of device would be potentially useful to establish the device’s efficiency in terms of retention time, energy consumption, and volume of processed liquid, thus, broadening the use of this microwave heating technology with several types of liquid substances.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number104
    Issue number4
    StatePublished - Apr 2021

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    • Fiber Bragg Grating
    • Food processing
    • Microwaves


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