Impacto clínico de la contaminación aérea

Marcos Restrepo Arango, María Veléz Peláez, Esteban Vallejo Agudelo, Lina Martínez Sánchez

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle in an indexed scientific journalpeer-review


Air pollution is now considered a global problem in developing and developed coun - tries. Substances that invade our spaces are components of air pollution that cause a strong negative impact on health for those who are exposed in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also is related to the etiology or worsening of countless diseases throughout the body, with decrease in life expectancy and even increased mortality and alterations of genetic material. This literature review aims to collect through a literature search the implications of the components of air pollution on the health of those exposed, from the point of clinical and molecular level. For the search where used the MeSH descriptors created by BIREME: air pollution, cardiovascular system, respiratory diseases. They were consulted the following databases: PubMed, Science Direct and Scopus. Within the search criteria took into account the year of publication and that the original language was English or Spanish. It was concluded that the study of the different particles and the consequences associated with exposure to these, it is vital for the development of control mechanisms, prevention and treatment; since the same has the ability to generate conditions ranging from something as tangible as pul - monary diseases and occlusive heart disease, to epigenetic changes that affect health.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
JournalArchivos de Medicina (Col)
StatePublished - 2016

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