Literacy studies in Colombia: Toward repositioning our field and the circulation of knowledge production

Raúl A Mora, Claudia Cañas

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    We have framed this In Dialogue as a conversation among five Latin American literacy scholars, with a special emphasis on their situatedness. As the title says, we are talking about scholars from Latin America, as they were all born and raised in their home countries (even if some of them had educational forays abroad). But, we want to emphasize the notion that all five authors are in Latin America, as being in this region, and the Global South by extension, poses different challenges to making our voices heard (recognizing that there are incredible scholars from Latin America in the North who continue pushing the envelope and opening spaces for other scholars in the region to speak up and be published). This In Dialogue, then, is an opportunity to share with the RTE readership some of the ongoing challenges and successes that make the field of literacy studies in Latin America a very vibrant one, full of stories and voices that will emerge in this decade. This In Dialogue will highlight the visions and efforts of five global scholars, reframing literacy as we know it in their own terms. It is important to mention here that all five authors are invested in creating communities of learning, affinity, and advocacy, not just in developing their own agendas single-handedly. Community thinking has always been part of the Latin American ethos, and these examples that Raúl Alberto Mora and Claudia Cañas (Colombia), Patricia Rosas Chávez (México), and Cláudia Hilsdorf Rocha and Ruberval Franco Maciel (Brazil) will share in their essays are only a sample of this community.

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    JournalResearch in the Teaching of English
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    StatePublished - May 2020

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