Relaciones complejas en el mundo material viajero

Translated title of the contribution: Complex relations of the material travelling world

Polina Golovátina-Mora

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    Based on in-depth interviews, the present paper discusses individual discourses related to the personal and collective identities of five participants. Overall, the interviewees find it difficult to define their identity in the established terms, yet they have quite a strong sense of the direction in which their identity is transforming in terms of goals, dreams, aspirations and spirituality, just to name a few. This article outlines the author’s understanding of the notion of identity from a relational approach while focusing on relations with non-human and non-living subjects. As nomads, interviewees assert they do not develop long lasting attachments to objects, however, when discussing their life stories and everyday practices, it is possible to see the anchors they choose in constructing their identities. Everydayness is considered the most adequate setting for a critical study of social practices, emotions, relations and experiences of participants in their diversity. Identity appears as a transformation, a change, a constant play of differences challenging one another, reconfirming each other and deconstructing/ reconstructing one another.

    Translated title of the contributionComplex relations of the material travelling world
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    StatePublished - 2018

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