Rethinking webquests in second language teacher education: The case of one colombian university

Raúl A Mora, Juan Diego Martínez, Liliana Alzate-Pérez, Raúl Gómez-Yepes, Laura Mildrey Zapata-Monsalve

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    This chapter presents the results of the collective experience of two professors and three students in implementing WebQuests in a preservice English education component. The first part of the chapter provided a definition of WebQuests, situating this particular proposal within the literature on second language education and the Colombian and Latin American contexts. The authors found that the paucity of studies on designing WebQuests, specifically in Latin America, became one of the strengths of their work. The next section situated how implementing WebQuests in this preservice program enabled an expansion of the actual conceptual framework that is currently in place for WebQuests by adding ideas about competences and socio-cultural and critical thinking theories. However, there is an explanation about how WebQuests became a very feasible alternative to respond to the curricular demands of their institution. Next, the authors shared a multi-vocal account, from every author's vantage point, of how they carried out their work with WebQuests. This implementation process generated a series of changes in the way students saw themselves as learners and future teachers, gaining more ownership of the idea of WebQuests beyond a semester assignment. The instructors, as the result of their work, are now thinking of better ways to redefine how they use WebQuests and how they will get their other cohorts involved in collaborative academic efforts. This chapter is, then, not only an account of an experience, but an invitation to think about how to expand the boundaries of preservice teacher education through technological mediation.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationIncreasing Student Engagement and Retention Using Online Learning Activities
    Subtitle of host publicationWikis, Blogs and Webquests
    EditorsCharles Wankel, Patrick Blessinger
    Number of pages29
    StatePublished - 2012

    Publication series

    NameCutting-Edge Technologies in Higher Education
    ISSN (Print)2044-9968
    ISSN (Electronic)2044-9976


    • Colombia
    • Curricular transformation
    • ELT
    • English education
    • Preservice teachers
    • WebQuests


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