Santa Ana Winds: Fractal-Based Analysis in a Semi-Arid Zone of Northern Mexico

Yeraldin Serpa-Usta, Alvaro Alberto López-Lambraño, Dora Luz Flores, Ena Gámez-Balmaceda, Luisa Martínez-Acosta, Juan Pablo Medrano-Barboza, John Freddy Remolina López, Alvaro López-Ramos, Mariangela López-Lambraño

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    A fractal analysis based on the time series of precipitation, temperature, pressure, relative humidity, and wind speed was performed for 16 weather stations located in the hydrographic basin of the Guadalupe River in Baja California, Mexico. Days on which the phenomenon known as Santa Ana winds occurs were identified based on the corresponding criteria of wind speed (≥4.5 m/s) and wind direction (between 0 and 90). Subsequently, the time series was formed with data representing the days on which this phenomenon occurs in each of the analyzed weather stations. A time series was additionally formed from the days in which the Santa Ana winds condition does not occur. Hurst exponents and fractal dimension were estimated applying the rescaled range method to characterize the established time series in terms of characteristics of persistence, anti-persistence, or randomness along with the calculation of the climate predictability Index. This enabled the behavior and correlation analysis of the meteorological variables associated with Santa Ana winds occurrence. Finally, this type of research study is instrumental in understanding the regional dynamics of the climate in the basin, and allows us to establish a basis for developing models that can forecast the days of occurrence of the Santa Ana winds, in such a way that actions or measures can be taken to mitigate the negative consequences generated when said phenomenon occurs, such as fires and droughts.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number48
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    StatePublished - Jan 2022

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    • Fractal dimension
    • Time scale
    • Winds intensity and wildfires

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