Technological and operational aspects that limit small wind turbines performance

José Luis Torres-Madroñero, Joham Alvarez-Montoya, Daniel Restrepo-Montoya, Jorge Mario Tamayo-Avendaño, César Nieto-Londoño, Julián Sierra-Pérez

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    Small Wind Turbines (SWTs) are promissory for distributed generation using renewable energy sources; however, their deployment in a broad sense requires to address topics related to their cost-efficiency. This paper aims to survey recent developments about SWTs holistically, focusing on multidisciplinary aspects such as wind resource assessment, rotor aerodynamics, rotor manufacturing, control systems, and hybrid micro-grid integration. Wind resource produces inputs for the rotor’s aerodynamic design that, in turn, defines a blade shape that needs to be achieved by a manufacturing technique while ensuring structural integrity. A control system may account for the rotor’s aerodynamic performance interacting with an ever-varying wind resource. At the end, the concept of integration with other renewable source is justified, according to the inherent variability of wind generation. Several commercially available SWTs are compared to study how some of the previously mentioned aspects impact performance and Cost of Electricity (CoE). Understanding these topics in the whole view may permit to identify both tendencies and unexplored topics to continue expanding SWTs market.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number6123
    Issue number22
    StatePublished - 2 Nov 2020

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    • Aerodynamics
    • Control systems
    • Distributed generation
    • Hybrid systems
    • Manufacturing
    • Microgrid integration
    • Small wind turbine
    • Wind energy
    • Wind resource

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