An Overview of the Socio-Economic, Technological, and Environmental Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Energy Generation from Residual Biomass: A Case Study of Biogas Production in Colombia

Lisandra Rocha-Meneses, Mario Luna-delRisco, Carlos Arrieta González, Sebastián Villegas Moncada, Andrés Moreno, Jorge Sierra-Del Rio, Luis E. Castillo-Meza

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The escalating global energy demand, driven by heavy reliance on fossil fuels, worsens environmental degradation and triggers socio-economic shifts in extraction and refinery hubs. In Colombia, the energy matrix is predominantly fossil-based (76%), with hydroelectric power accounting for 70% of electricity generation. However, renewable energy sources only contribute 2% to the national energy mix. To reduce emissions by 20% by 2030, Colombia has presented an energy transition roadmap. The need for bioenergy production in Colombia arises from the residual biomass availability, the potential to provide sustainable energy access, and the potential to mitigate climate change impacts, while addressing energy poverty and enhancing energy security. This study presents an overview of biogas production in Colombia, emphasizing the need for financial resources to overcome barriers. Policy incentives, awareness campaigns, and research and development play a vital role in fostering social acceptance, technology adoption, and optimizing biogas production processes. Collaborative efforts among the government, private sector, and local communities are recommended to ensure wide-scale adoption of biogas, promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability. By enabling informed decision-making, this research supports the transition to renewable energy sources and the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on bioenergy. The aim of this study is to explore the challenges and opportunities associated with biogas production in Colombia, including technical, economic, social, and environmental aspects, and provide recommendations for promoting its sustainable implementation and widespread adoption in the country.
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EstadoPublicada - 9 ago. 2023

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  • SDG
  • South America
  • anaerobic digestion
  • bioeconomy
  • bioenergy
  • biogas
  • zero-waste

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