Antimicrobial activity, mechanical and thermal properties of cassava starch films incorporated with beeswax and propolis

María Carolina Betancur-D´Ambrosio, Carmen Elena Pérez-Cervera, Cindy Barrera-Martinez, Ricardo Andrade-Pizarro

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Edible films can be formed from different polymeric compounds. The use of starch has gained extra value; because it can be used in combination with plasticizers and lipids, helping to improve mechanical properties. Besides, with the addition of an antimicrobial, the function of these films can be extended. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of native cassava starch, beeswax and ethanolic propolis extract (EPE) on the mechanical, thermal and inhibitory properties against the Aspergillus niger fungus. An experimental Box-Behnken design with three factors: cassava starch concentration (2–4%w/v), beeswax (0.5–0.9%w/w) and EPE (1–4%v/w) was used. The films obtained were opaque and with low mechanical properties. EPE concentration affected tensile strength, elongation at break (EB) and Young’s modulus (YM), and cassava starch content only affected EB and YM. In thermal properties, the weight loss was affected by the cassava starch-beeswax interaction, where the most loss occurred at high levels of these factors in the temperature range of 200–360 °C. The films reduced the growth of the Aspergillus niger by 51%, where the beeswax-EPE interaction had a significant positive effect. The characteristics of the developed films suggest that they would be more acceptable as fruit and vegetable coatings.
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PublicaciónJournal of Food Science and Technology
EstadoPublicada - 2024

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