Bioética en la experimentación científica con animales: Cuestión de reglamentación o de actitud humana

Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo, Conrado Giraldo Zuluaga

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    The use of animals in scientific experiments has been, and will be, vital for human life and, from the benefits obtained from these research works, the animal wellbeing that influences public health will be achieved. Animals have made easier, for the science, the knowledge of biology and physiology to diagnose and make the treatments that improve the life quality of human beings. Therefore, the use of animals in experiments and learning must be made respectfully and with consideration for the animal's reactions and its ethology. For this purpose, there are rules that have been widely spread all over the world and, despite the fact they are theoretically well sustained, they have not been well interiorized by humans, regarding the responsibility they have towards other beings living in the planet. The ethical committees for experimentation with animals in our country make big efforts to make a bioethical use of animals in scientific experiments possible, but there is still a long way to go from their decisions to the realities currently taking place in research works.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónBioethics in the scientific experiments with animals: A matter of regulation or a human attitude
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    • Animals
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