Biodigital Product Design: Experiences in the Field of Applied Research

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    Over millions of years, organisms and species in nature have developed different strategies to adapt, survive and evolve; these strategies have been studied by design and architecture professionals to solve problems and challenges of the human being. Different nature-based design approaches have been emerging, such as biomimicry, biodesign, biofabrication, biomimetics and bioinspiration, among others. Bioinformed disciplines (BID) is proposed as an umbrella term to consolidate the range of bio-related activities. In recent decades, nature-based design has been enhanced thanks to the advantages of digital technologies, especially through computational design (CD) and additive manufacturing (AM). In this context, biodigital architecture and design have emerged, a fusion between the biological and digital domains with possibilities never seen before. This text presents applied research projects in the product design field, under the biodigital approach, highlighting technical and creative advantages of parametric-generative design and additive manufacturing technologies, the research projects are situated in different scales, contexts and complexities. The projects presented are (i) bioinspired parametric textures, (ii) biodigital stool series and (iii) biodigital columns. In conclusion, the biodigital approach offers unprecedented creative and technical advantages, such as the generation of a wide variety of complex and editable geometries, high level of accuracy, very thin thicknesses, custom designs, etc. On the other hand, to obtain the expected results, the importance of multidisciplinary interactions could be seen, as well as an ongoing experimentation in a cyclical process of continuous learning; finally, the link between universities, companies and state institutions was relevant.

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