Biomarcadores moleculares: una nueva herramienta en el diagnóstico de la preeclampsia

F. Hernández Restrepo, N. Perilla Hernández, L. M. Martínez Sánchez, C. Ruiz Mejía

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    Pre-eclampsia is a common complication during pregnancy that is associated with high rates of maternal and foetal morbidity and mortality, so a timely diagnosis and active surveillance are essential in the management of this condition. Obstetrical gynaecological history is currently the only tool available to stratify the risk of developing this condition. However, this is not sufficient, given the complex and still unknown pathophysiology of pre-eclampsia. Molecular biomarkers have emerged as a possible screening tool for this disorder, showing great potential in current studies. However, the clinical usefulness of these molecules has not yet been determined, and a specific biomarker has not been standardised to predict the development of the disease. It is therefore necessary to carry out larger and more complex studies to determine the true clinical utility of these molecules.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónMolecular biomarkers: A new tool for the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia
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    Páginas (desde-hasta)66-72
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    PublicaciónClinica e Investigacion en Ginecologia y Obstetricia
    EstadoPublicada - 1 abr. 2017

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    • Biological markers
    • Diagnosis
    • Physiopathology
    • Pre-eclampsia


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