Biomaterials in Concrete for Engineering Applications: A Bibliometric Review

Haidee Yulady Jaramillo, Oscar Hernan Vasco-Echeverri, Luis Alfonso Moreno-Pacheco, Ricardo Andrés García-León

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    The incorporation of biomaterials into concrete for engineering applications has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential to enhance both the mechanical properties and sustainability of construction materials. This study conducts a comprehensive bibliometric analysis (BA) to examine the state of the research on utilizing biomaterials in concrete through the analysis of scientific production considering the information in the Scopus database. The BA provides insights into this interdisciplinary field’s evolution, trends, and global research landscape. Key aspects explored include the types of biomaterials employed, their impacts on concrete properties, and the environmental benefits associated with their masonry use. R-Software was used to analyze the scientific growth and topics (BA) in the field of biomaterials in concrete for industrial applications. The results exposed that biomaterials in concrete related to scientific production represent a total amount of 1558 documents published by 489 journals and 4521 authors, which represents an annual rate of 20.81% higher than other related topics, with India, the United Kingdom, and China being the most representative countries. Finally, this work exposes the growing interest in sustainable construction practices and the promising future of biomaterial-infused concrete in the engineering sector, seeking to advance the knowledge and application of biomaterials in concrete technology.
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