Códigos estéticos en el pensamiento de Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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    To suggest the existence of philosophy in Latin America becomes a problem for many. Even more difficulties are generated by proposing the existence of a Latin American Aesthetics, having as its representative a Colombian thinker: Nicolás Gómez Dávila. In the midst of this thinker's work, we were able to identify a series of aesthetic codes which, although inherited from the European concepts of aesthetics, could give us glimpses of a different perspective given by the observation of objects and events generated by the miscegenation that took place in the midst of lush, rugged and fertile lands as those of our geography. To attempt his presentation involves reviewing an existing but forgotten legacy, and updating a rich philosophical experience that, although present, does not manifest in our environment sufficiently. The objectives of this research are: arguing for the philosophy made in Latin America; propose the aphoristic exercise of Gómez Dávila as a Colombian contribution to the field of aesthetics; and review some aesthetic issues that we want to conclude in the work of this author to conduct a hermeneutic exercise thereof. With this paper I expect to reach not only echoes in our philosophical community but in also in other latitudes where Gomez-Davila is already recognized, but now from the point of view of aesthetics. The methodology used in this research entailed a hermeneutic exercise, in the perspective of Gadamer. We propose some arguments supporting the contributions of Gómez-Dávila aesthetics from a Latin American perspective. Finally, we conclude that the aesthetics of Gómez-Dávila is of a classic style with metaphysical links, associated with a Greek canon and with a clear Christian perspective, but that it has been developed by a mind that belongs to a Latin American context, from which we cannot intend to separate it in any way.

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    • Aesthetics
    • Beauty
    • Cannons
    • Latin American thought
    • Nicolás Gómez Dávila


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