Caracterización dinámica vibratoria experimental de compuestos reforzados con fibra natural de fique

Sergio Andrés Gómez Suárez, Bladimir Azdrubal Ramón Valencia, Alfonso Santos Jaimes

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The biocomposite materials reinforced with natural fibers play an important role these days for the development of new products. They offer good mechanical characteristics, reducing the negative ecological impact at the time of their disposal. Its use in dynamic applications is still limited since there are not enough studies where its behavior is characterized in these environments. DMA mechanical dynamic test is usually applied to know thermal-mechanical properties of this type of materials. However this technique does not provide information on the modal parameters of the materials, as are the different vibration frequencies in which it would come into resonance. To obtain these properties, a modal analysis must be performed. Therefore, in this work a dynamic vibratory characterization was made through experimental modal analysis to biocomposites reinforced with fique fibers, evaluating the impact in the modal parameters due to the natural fiber content, which allowed recognizing how the biocomposites behave due to vibratory loads since there is no evidence of previous studies of this kind to biocomposites with this type of natural fiber and in which possible applications could be used. The biocomposites were made with different layers of natural fiber from fique in random distribution and polyester resin using the technique of vacuum infusion manufacturing. The experimental modal analysis was performed obtaining the frequency response function (FRF) according to ISO 7626-2 excitation with a shaker. The results obtained show an increase in the natural frequency of the biocomposites as more natural fiber is incorporated, presenting a high damping and bending modes of vibration as well as a possible application as vibration and sound insulators.
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PublicaciónIngeniare. Revista chilena de ingeniería
EstadoPublicada - jun. 2020

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  • biocompuesto
  • fique
  • parámetros modales

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