Characterization of a New Silk Sericin-Based Hydrogel for Water Retention in Soil

Natalia Jaramillo-Quiceno (Autor estudiante de pregrado), Catalina Álvarez-López, Gustavo Adolfo Hincapié-Llanos, Carlos A. Hincapié, Marisol Osorio

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Hydrogel-type absorbent materials are currently a technological alternative for improving water retention in the soil and reducing nutrient loss by leaching and evaporation. This study aimed to evaluate the application of a new hydrogel based on silk sericin (SS) as a water retention material in soil. The morphology of the hydrogel was characterized using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and its impact on moisture retention in sandy loam soil (SLS) under different levels of matric pressure (MP) was evaluated. Additionally, water content data were collected over time for both SLS and SLS with hydrogel (SLS + H), and the data were used to fit predictive models. The results indicate that the hydrogel had a porous morphology that promoted water retention and soil release. Under a MP of 0.3 bar, the use of the hydrogel increased water retention by 44.70% with respect to that of SLS. The predictive models developed were adequately adjusted to the behavior of the moisture data over time and evidenced the incidence of the absorbent material on the dynamics of the moisture content in the soil. Therefore, these models could be useful for facilitating subsequent simulations or for designing automatic soil moisture control systems oriented to smart farming.
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EstadoPublicada - 21 jun. 2023

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  • Data-driven-models
  • Hydrogel
  • Sericin
  • Transfer function
  • Water retention

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