Characterization of Tungsten Carbide coatings deposited on AISI 1020 steel

A. Santos, C. Gonzalez, Z. Y. Ramirez

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    In order to determine the variation in the mechanical properties of AISI 1020 standardized steel, heat treated by a quenching and tempering process and with a Tungsten Carbide coating, was performed a microstructural and chemical characterization of the coating material through electron microscopy scanning and X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy. The steel received a heat treatment of quenching performed by heating to 850°C, followed by cooling in water and tempering at a temperature of 450°C with air cooling. Tests of a) microhardness with a Wilson-Wolpert Tukon 2100B micro durometer and b) resistance to adhesive and abrasive wear following the ASTM G99-05 "Standard test method for wear testing with a pin-on-disk machine" and ASTM G65-04 "standard test method for measuring abrasion using dry sand and rubber Wheel" standards respectively. The results show that the microhardness of the steel do not vary with the load used to perform the test; in addition, the heat treatment of quenching and tempering improves by 5.5% the property while the coating increase it by 124.2%. Regarding the abrasive wear resistance, it is observed that the amount of material lost increases linearly with the distance covered. It was determined that the heat treatment decreased on average by 17.5% the volume of released material during the tests while the coating recued it by 66.7%. The amount volume of material lost during the adhesive wear tests increases linearly with the distance covered while the heat treatment decreased on average by 10.5% the volume of released material during the trial and the coating reduced it by 66.5%.

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    PublicaciónJournal of Physics: Conference Series
    EstadoPublicada - 25 ene. 2017
    Evento2nd Colombian Congress of Electrochemistry, CCEQ 2016 and 2nd Symposium on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, SNN 2016 - Bucaramanga, Colombia
    Duración: 4 oct. 20167 oct. 2016

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