Characterization using XRD of puzzolanic materials from residual sludge from water treatment

G. Barón, A. M. Montano, C. P. González

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    The goal of this work is to do mechanical and chemical characterization of puzzolanic materials using compressive strength measurements and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). These materials are composed of red clay and aluminous sludge produced by the treatment of potable water at Planta Algodonal, Ocana, Norte de Santander, Colombia. Ceramic bricks were sintered to 1100°C and ten were characterized in their physically, mechanically and chemically properties. The results showed that the relationships with which the Colombian standards according to NTC 4017 (100KGF/cm2) for non-structural bricks are maintained for those containing 10% (105Kgf/cm2) and 20% (102.9Kgf/cm2) of sludge with respect to clay.

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    PublicaciónJournal of Physics: Conference Series
    EstadoPublicada - 29 dic. 2017
    Evento4th International Meeting for Researchers in Materials and Plasma Technology, IMRMPT 2017 - Santa Marta, Colombia
    Duración: 23 may. 201726 may. 2017

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