Citizen Laboratories as Scenarios of Cultural and Political Democratization

Francisco Luis Giraldo Gutiérrez, Henry de Jesús Toro Ríos, Carolina Perlaza-Lopera, Juan Esteban Mejia Upegui

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The inefficiency of states in meeting their populations’ needs poses a deterrent to citizen participation. Within this context, an inquiry into the impact of citizen laboratories on urban governance becomes pertinent. Democracy necessitates innovation to ascertain solutions by harmonizing technology, knowledge, design, planning, and the social sciences. Citizen laboratories foster this equilibrium, thereby enabling the effective exercise of popular governance. Furthermore, they empower individuals to cultivate their civic conduct grounded in five pivotal concepts: the political, the politic, the policy, the culture, and the cultural. This contributes to urban sustainability and engenders the consolidation of identity, principles, ideals, memory, and the social fabric. By means of
a literature review, an examination can be undertaken guided by the foundational premises that shape the distinctive attributes of citizen laboratories. This endeavor proves valuable in extending the discourse, as authentic and unfeigned citizen involvement in decision-making processes for their communities emerges as an indispensable factor.
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PublicaciónSocial Sciences
EstadoPublicada - 29 sep. 2023

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