Computational Simulation of Colorectal Cancer Biomarker Particle Mobility in a 3D Model

Esteban Vallejo Morales, Gustavo Suárez Guerrero, Lina M. Hoyos Palacio

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    Even though some methods for the detection of colorectal cancer have been used clinically, most of the techniques used do not consider the in situ detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) biomarkers, which would favor in vivo real-time monitoring of the carcinogenesis process and consequent studies of the disease. In order to give a scientific and computational framework ideal for the evaluation of diagnosis techniques based on the early detection of biomarker molecules modeled as spherical particles from the computational point of view, a computational representation of the rectum, stool and biomarker particles was developed. As consequence of the transport of stool, there was a displacement of CRC biomarker particles that entered the system as a result of the cellular apoptosis processes in polyps with a length lower than 1 cm, reaching a maximum velocity of (Formula presented.) m/s. The biomarkers studied showed trajectories distant to regions of the polyp of origin in 1 min of simulation. The research results show that the biomarker particles for CRC respond to the variations in the movements of the stool with trajectories and speeds that depend on the location of the injury, which will allow locating the regions with the highest possibilities of catching particles through in situ measurement instruments in the future.

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