Construcciones simbólicas de los consumidores sobre eatertainment y restaurantes temáticos en la ciudad de Medellín

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    At present, a trend called eatertainment is developed, in which unprecedented consumption situations that fuse gastronomy and entertainment, which contribute to the development of more innovative establishments that can remain in the market and generate economic growth to the city based on creative and cultural industries. Therefore, this article focuses on understanding the symbolic and meaningful constructions of people between 20 and 40 years of age from their perception by consuming eatertainment experiences in thematic restaurants of Medellín for which purpose, this trend was compared worldwide, nationally and locally, as well as internal and external inputs in the perception of consumers were identified and the symbolic constructions derived from them are described. Consequently, the analysis focuses on how the city has appropriated this trend and tries to understand what consumers think about it to identify opportunities in its development. Epistemological parameters were based on phenomenology as an eclectic current that studies experiences, whose methodology was qualitative with collection techniques such as interviews, participant observation and information on the web. Among the most relevant findings was that the low supply or lack of interest in developing a thematic restaurant in the city is due to the fact that some businessmen have the idea that they are childish-associated with Disney figures or cartoons.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónSymbolic constructions of consumers about eatertainment and thematic restaurants in the city of Medellín
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