Development of an aerial counting system in oil palm plantations

Jhany Zulyma Miserque Castillo, Rubbermaid Laverde Diaz, Claudia Leonor Rueda Guzmán

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    This paper proposes the development of a counting aerial system capable of capturing, process and analyzing images of an oil palm plantation to register the number of cultivated palms. It begins with a study of the available UAV technologies to define the most appropriate model according to the project needs. As result, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is used to capture pictures that are processed by a photogrammetry software to create orthomosaics from the areas of interest, which are handled by the developed software to calculate the number of palms contained in them. The implemented algorithm uses a sliding window technique in image pyramids to generate candidate windows, an LBP descriptor to model the texture of the picture, a logistic regression model to classify the windows and a non-maximum suppression algorithm to refine the decision. The system was tested in different images than the ones used for training and for establishing the set point. As result, the system showed a 95.34% detection rate with a 97.83% precision in mature palms and a 79.26% detection rate with a 97.53% precision in young palms giving an FI score of 0.97 for mature palms and 0.87 for the small ones. The results are satisfactory getting the census and high-quality images from which is possible to get more information from the area of interest. All this, achieved through a low-cost system capable of work even in cloudy conditions.

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    PublicaciónIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
    EstadoPublicada - 15 jul. 2016
    Evento2nd International congress of Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Science, CIIMCA 2015 - Floridablanca, Colombia
    Duración: 7 oct. 20159 oct. 2015


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