Discusiones Políticas y Morales Referentes a la Justicia y su Aporte a la Psicología del Desarrollo Moral

Julián Camilo Sarmiento-López, Jaime Yáñez-Canal

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Research on morality and justice in psychology has followed different conceptual paths. Psychologists have dealt with everyday situations of interaction among persons in order to establish that justice has to do with respect for fellow humans and avoidance of damage (Giraldo & Benítez, 2011). These approaches feature a series of conceptual inaccuracies. In an effort to clarify the meanings of the concept of justice, the article explores debates from related disciplines. It turns to discussions in moral and political philosophy that understand justice in relation to public spaces and obligations demanded from the State, as a way to open up new research paths for moral psychology. Justice and the notions of equality acquire a specific meaning when referred to public spaces and to considerations of human rights. In relation with this, it also provides a perspective of development according to life cycle theories, which establish wisdom as the most developed level of moral judgment.

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  • Developmental psychology
  • Distributive justice
  • Justice
  • Morality
  • Wisdom

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