Durability of Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GRC) Containing a High Proportion of Pozzolans

Luis Felipe Lalinde, Ana Mellado, María Victoria Borrachero, José Monzó, Jordi Payá

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    Glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) is an excellent composite for architects and engineers because it can be molded to produce laminar panels or to create complicated designs. GRC is a fine concrete reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibers at 3–5% per mass. However, fiber durability is limited because of the aggressiveness of the alkaline medium produced during Portland cement hydration (effect of portlandite). The objective of this study is to assess GRC with high Portland cement replacement with pozzolans (ground fly ash or a mixture of ground fly ash and sonicated silica fume) in order to reduce the corrosion of the fibers. The selected high-content pozzolan (60% replacement) composites were tested under different conditions: aging, drying–wetting, freezing– thawing, and chemical attack (ammonium chloride and sulfuric acid). The modulus of rupture and toughness were determined. Composite behavior showed that the samples with pozzolans not only better resisted aging, but also physical and chemical attacks, and specimens presented a better modulus of rupture and toughness than the samples prepared with 100% Portland cement (control specimens). Due to the good behavior in durability terms, the high pozzolan content GRC products are suitable in potential corrosive environments for sunscreens, drainage channels, cable trays, sound barriers, or pavements.

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