EQUIPOS DE I+D+i. Bases para el desarrollo de equipos de I+D+i en empresas del Departamento del Quindío - Colombia

Jhon Wilder Zartha Sossa, Camilo Andrés Grajales López, John Fredy Moreno Sarta, Monica Lorena Tobón, Juan Camilo Oviedo Lopera, Pauline Arias Escobar, Bibiana Arango Alzate, Jaime Augusto Rubiano Gonzalez, Rodrigo Estrada Reveiz, Carlos Alberto Guarnizo Gómez, Jonathan Gómez Garcés, Alfredo Martinez Ocampo

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This paper describes a model for the formation of teams or units of R & D + i in companies and institutions to serve as the basis for the dynamisation of R & D + i, the main objective of the document is to provide guidance for development activities forming teams or units of R & D + i, and serve as a basis for R & D organizations, including Quindio Innova project in Colombia. The methodology used comprised three phases, phase 1 were revised sources such as the AENOR UNE 166002, the Colombian Technical Standard NTC 5801 and aspects suggested by the CDT Technological Development Corporation of Chile, Phase II materialized through four stages: the first involves the commitment of top management, communication to members of the company on the R & D + i, designation of team leaders, implementation of workshops on issues and project initiatives, opportunities related to R & D + from environmental analysis, monitoring of technological lookouts, in the second phase the objectives, functions and structure of the R + D + i are defined from the opportunities identified in the workshops and training and self-diagnostic capabilities applied in management of R & D + i, stage 3 includes the transfer of knowledge on tools for calculating the inflection point in models S-curves in the life cycle of technology as well as the procedure for specialized patent databases European data search, Japanese, German and WIPO -World intellectual property and scientific articles in Scopus, the fourth stage provides for the participation in technological surveillance exercises that can generate useful results to new equipment or units of R & D + i. Finally, Phase III was carried out through the application of the model generated in two companies Pilot software-technology and manufacturing sector. As for companies in the manufacturing and software industry - technology, the percentage of organizations that do not have drive R & D + i is 87.5% and 77.5% respectively, these organizations have deficiencies in factors such as conducting technological surveillance studies, open innovation processes, absorptive capacity and implementation of innovation management models that allow units successfully develop R & D + i, as pilots, are highlighted in the results execution of victories in the short term, what captivates the entrepreneur and motivate the team, likewise, entrepreneurs highlight the process that are oriented towards the generation of ideas by different members of the organization and the analysis of the environment with a better outlook for the generation of innovations in the company is obtained.

Título traducido de la contribuciónR & D + i TEAMS. Bases for the development of teams of R & D + i in companies from Quindio - Colombia
Idioma originalEspañol
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EstadoPublicada - 2016

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  • Development
  • Innovation
  • Investigation
  • R & D + i teams
  • R & D + i units


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