Estudio de prospectiva: Aplicación del método Delphi en cafés especiales en Colombia al 2025

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    This article is the result of foresight study in specialty coffees in Colombia to 2025, which is part of the project "Systematization and Knowledge Management for Antioquia project: Origin of Specialty Coffees". The aim of the Delphi method was to identify and prioritize innovations, new business and diffusion strategies that were of importance in Specialty Coffees in Colombia. This study had consolidators on issues such as innovation, technology, new business and diffusion and marketing strategies. It is important to highlight that Delphi method was conducted in two rounds. Besides that, there were issues with consensus percentage between 50% and 75%. For example in innovations, seals combining marketing and fermentations controlled to induce sensory profiles coffee were made; in technologies: processes and benefit roasting profiles were the subjects of greater consensus. Additionally, in "new business", ecotourism and eco-organic products and new lines of business in the sector of specialty coffees were prominent. Also, the diffusion strategies that could be undertaken in the sector are clipping (media monitoring) and specialized databases. Finally, in common marketing code "4Cs" and system clean almonds are the most important.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónForesight study: Application of Delphi method in specialty coffees in Colombia to 2025
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    • Delphi method
    • Foresight
    • Specialty coffees


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