Factores de riesgo de estilos de vida para enfermedad cardiovascular en estudiantes de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Gázquez, Mónica María Massaro Ceballos, Lina María Martínez Sánchez, Gabriel Jaime Rendón Pereira (Autor estudiante de pregrado), Lina María Hernández (Autor estudiante de pregrado), María Isabel Herrera

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Introduction: Heart diseases are a frequent cause of illness and death in our country. There is enough scientific evideoce that shows that healthy life styles prevent the appeariog of those diseases. Objective: To establish the frequency of exposition to risky factors concerning heart diseases for Health Scieoces School's students, aiming to acquire informatioo that helps in the development of strategies for avoiding those factors. Materials and methods: A descriptive study was made, using a self-applied survey to get the information. Mter criticizing the collected data, a data base in the SPSS vr. 11.00 software was created, and this was also used to process the information. In the analysis for hypothetical proofs, these were contrasted with the Xl test wheo prevalences were compared, and with the t student test when the comparison of media rates was made. The statistic significance was assumed when the probability value was less than 0.05. Results: A considerable proportion of the students have inadequate life styles, and this means procrastinated risks for heart disease. Sorne conduets were particularly worrying, as the totallack of exercise (45%), smoking (17%) and weight increase (overweight 11% and obesity 3%). The data showed that women have better protective behaviors than men, concerning heart diseases. Conclusion: Health Sciences School's students have a considerable measurement of exposition to risky factors concerning heart diseases, through their life styles. Therefore, the adoption of sttategies to create healthier life styles among them, is recommended.
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PublicaciónMedicina U.P.B.
EstadoPublicada - 2006

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