Feminismo y masculinidades: Transformación política y existencial en la narrativa de hombres activistas antipatriarcales

Jorge Andrés Jiménez Rodas, Milton Danilo Morales Herrera

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    The evolution of the feminist movement and the development of feminist theories established the conditions for the study of men's gender and masculinities to take shape, not only as a theoretical and analytical proposal, but also as a political action aimed at overcoming gender inequalities through the transformation of masculinity. This paper addresses the understanding of Feminisms/Masculinities relationship in the narrative of men who participate in some activism for other ways of being a man and against the current gender structures. For this purpose, we conducted a narrative analysis of the history of 12 Latin American men involved in this type of political action. Based on a functional analysis, we identified two ways in which this relationship can be understood. Results allow us to conclude that, on the one hand, the relationship of feminism with these men reproduces the sequence and influence that feminism has had in the consolidation of gender studies of men and masculinities. On the other hand, they encourage us to call attention to the importance of consolidating a feminist education and pedagogy that enhances the structuring and existential role mentioned.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónFeminism and masculinities: Political and existential transformation in the narratives of antipatriarchal male activists
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    EstadoPublicada - 2021

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    • Feminism
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