Hard tick species (Acari: Ixodidae) and infestation in two livestock agroecosystems from Antioquia, Colombia

Juan A. Segura, Luis Javier Saldarriaga, Juan Manuel Cerón, Leonardo Ríos Osorio, Zulma V. Rueda, Lina A. Gutiérrez

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    Tick infestation affects about 80% of livestock globally while transmitting various pathogens causing high economic losses. This study aimed to determine the degree of tick infestation in two regions, North and Middle Magdalena in Antioquia, Colombia, to identify the ixodid tick species found and the associated risk factors. A cross-sectional study was carried out in 48 farms distributed in six municipalities of Antioquia. Two paddocks and eight bovines per farm were evaluated to estimate tick infestation (adults, nymphs, and larvae). Tick species were identified through a morphological and molecular analysis based on partial sequences of data obtained from DNA molecular markers, two mitochondrial (16S rRNA and COI), and one genomic DNA gene (18S rRNA). A multivariate Poisson regression model was applied to estimate the associated risk factors with ticks in cattle. Rhipicephalus microplus, Amblyomma patinoi and Dermacentor nitens were present in the livestock agroecosystems in the Middle Magdalena region; the highest incidence of tick infestation in cows and paddocks was reported in the municipality of Puerto Triunfo. The livestock agroecosystems in Middle Magdalena were characterized by a higher presence of adult R. microplus in cattle. Larval infestation of R. microplus, followed by D. nitens, was also found in paddocks. The multivariate analysis showed that the origin of cattle was the main risk factor associated with the presence of ticks (i.e., when cattle came from outside the farm). Cattle movement between farms in Middle Magdalena can contribute to the spread of ticks in this region.

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    PublicaciónExperimental and Applied Acarology
    EstadoPublicada - feb. 2022

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