Health and toxicological effects of nanocellulose when used as a food ingredient: A review

A. Cañas-Gutiérrez, C. Gómez Hoyos, J. Velásquez-Cock, P. Gañán, O. Triana, J. Cogollo-Flórez, M. Romero-Sáez, N. Correa-Hincapié, R. Zuluaga

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The use of nanocellulose (NC) has increased significantly in the food industry, as subtypes such as cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) or bacterial cellulose (BC) have been demonstrated to be a source of insoluble fiber with important benefits for human health. Despite these advantages, and due to its nanoscale size, NC must be assessed from a safety perspective that considers its exposure, fate, and biological effects in order to help more accurately estimate its potential hazards. The exposure routes of humans to NC include (i) ingestion during consumption of foods that contain cellulose as a food ingredient or (ii) contact of food with cellulose-containing materials, such as its packaging. That is why it is important to understand the potentially toxic effects that nanomaterials can have on human health, understanding that the different types of NC behave differently in terms of their ingestion, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. By analysing both in vitro and in vivo studies, the purpose of this paper is to present the most recent findings on the different types of NC and their safety when used in food. In addition, it provides an overview of relevant studies into NC and its health benefits when used as a food additive.
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  • Cellulose nanofibrils
  • Cellulose nanocrystals
  • Bacterial nanocellulose
  • Safety and dietary properties

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