Hermeneutics of open innovation

Nicolas Fernando Molina Saenz, Ricardo Alonso Gallego Burgos, Luciano Gallon, Martha Sofia Prada Molina

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The absence of a hermeneutical approach, given the lack of an interpretive process that
analyzes open innovation (OI) in a global context and its integration with the characteristics of SMEs of the software sector in Colombia (SMESSC) . Specifically, from the theory of businessstrategy, limits understanding of OI by those responsible for the management (RFTM) in the SMESSC. From this perspective, the purpose of this paper, using Hermeneutic Philosophy (HP), focuses on presenting an interpretive way that provides the elements for understanding the concept of OI in its own meanings and manifestations in the context of business management. Under a multi-method approach, the aim is to learn about the experiences, beliefs, manifestations, meanings and meanings of the way in which
innovation is managed in thistypeof SME. It also includes the analysis of data at the corporate level in different SMESSC, to know indicators and results associated to the innovation processes, according to the domains identified. Based on these results, a hermeneutic approach (HA) to OI is established. It is expected that the results obtained to date in this study using HP, provide a new lens for understanding the OI and guide the academic, social, and practical debates.
Idioma originalInglés
Título de la publicación alojadaHermeneutics of open innovation
Número de páginas16
ISBN (versión digital)978-65-00-80827-8
EstadoPublicada - 2023
Eventothe 32nd IAMOT Conference - Porto Alegre, Brasil
Duración: 1 may. 20234 may. 2023


Conferenciathe 32nd IAMOT Conference
CiudadPorto Alegre

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