Hybrid Distributed State Estimation Algorithm with Synchronized Phasor Measurements

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This paper proposes a hybrid distributed state estimation algorithm with synchronized phasor measurements. The implementation is easy since it initially uses a conventional or traditional state estimation and then adds a non-iterative second linear step calculation, which can be implemented by software without hardware investments. Distributed algorithm accuracy was verified in a well-known power system. Even though it was a little less than the state estimation made to the complete system, it offers a faster computation. Hence, for applications that require real-time awareness of the power system, the distributed scheme results are a great alternative that can significantly reduce the bandwidth requirements, like time delays in the processes involved in the supervision
and control of the power system. The proposed algorithm makes use of a central coordinator and assumes that each area of the system has at least one synchronized phasor measurement that allows finding the synchronization angles with respect to the angular reference of the system.
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PublicaciónWSEAS Transactions on Power Systems
EstadoPublicada - 1 ene. 2018

Palabras clave

  • State Estimation
  • Distributed State Estimation
  • Hybrid State Estimation
  • PMU
  • Synchronized Phasor Measurements

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