Inflammatory Patterns Associated with Legionella in HIV and Pneumonia Coinfections

Breanne M. Head, Adriana Trajtman, Ruochen Mao, Kathryn Bernard, Lázaro Vélez, Diana Marin, Lucelly López, Zulma Vanessa Rueda, Yoav Keynan

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Legionella infections have a propensity for occurring in HIV-infected individuals, with immunosuppressed individuals tending to present with more severe disease. However, understanding regarding the Legionella host response in immune compromised individuals is lacking. This study investigated the inflammatory profiles associated with Legionella infection in patients hospitalized with HIV and pneumonia in Medellín, Colombia from February 2007 to April 2014, and correlated these profiles with clinical outcomes. Sample aliquots from the Colombian cohort were shipped to Canada where Legionella infections and systemic cytokine profiles were determined using real-time PCR and bead-based technology, respectively. To determine the effect of Legionella coinfection on clinical outcome, a patient database was consulted, comparing laboratory results and outcomes between Legionella-positive and -negative individuals. Principal component analysis revealed higher plasma concentrations of eotaxin, IP-10 and MCP-1 (p = 0.0046) during Legionella infection. Individuals with this immune profile also had higher rates of intensive care unit admissions (adjusted relative risk 1.047 [95% confidence interval 1.027–1.066]). Results demonstrate that systemic markers of monocyte/macrophage activation and differentiation (eotaxin, MCP-1, and IP-10) are associated with Legionella infection and worse patient outcomes. Further investigations are warranted to determine how this cytokine profile may play a role in Legionella pneumonia pathogenesis or immunity.
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EstadoPublicada - feb. 2024

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