Interacciones genotóxicas de mutágenos en mezclas binarias mediante ensayo cometa alcalino en linfocitos humanos

Isabel C. Ortiz, Carlos A. Peláez, Luz Yaneth Orozco, Margarita Zuleta

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    Introduction. Mutagens contained in complex mixtures can present synergistic interactions, either additive or antagonistic. Therefore, development of experimental approaches is necessary to elucidate which is the responsible agent for the effect in the mixtures. Objective. An experimental design was developed that allowed an understanding of the processes between the compounds of complex mixtures. Materials and methods. Human lymphocytes were exposed to binary mixtures of the mutagens B[a]P, DMBA, Trp-P-1 and MX for 1 hour with or without S9. Viability was assessed with trypan blue dye and the genotoxicity by the comet assay. Results. All of the hydrocarbon showed an effect with furanone. With and without S9, the most toxic interactions were observed between hydrocarbons. Synergistic interaction was observed without S9 between B [a] P and Trp-P-1 and between DMBA and Trp-P-1 with metabolic activity. Without S9 antagonistic interaction was observed only between Trp-P-1+DMBA, and with S9 between Trp-P- 1+MX and MX+DMBA. It observed an increase dose dependent in tail length. Half the cultures showed genotoxic damage and increased cell damage. For each mixture, minimum concentrations were determined at which adverse effects are observed; for some only the maximum concentration was determined at which no adverse effects are observed. Conclusion. The processes between mutagens present in a mixture have become better understood, and the results validated an analytical model that determined which component had an effect on another. The results also showed that the type of compounds in the mixture determined whether or not a risk threshold was present.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónInteraction of mutagens in binary mixtures using the alkaline comet assay in human lymphocytes
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    • Comet assay
    • Genotoxicity
    • Lymphocytes
    • Mutagens
    • No-observed-adverse-effect level


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