Maximization of Sulforaphane Content in Broccoli Sprouts by Blanching

Andrea Mahn, Carmen Elena Pérez, Víctor Zambrano, Herna Barrientos

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Broccoli sprouts are a recognized source of health-promoting compounds, such as glu-cosinolates, glucoraphanin, and sulforaphane (SFN). Maximization of SFN content can be achieved by technological processing. We investigated the effect of blanching conditions to determine the optimal treatment that maximizes sulforaphane content in broccoli sprouts. Broccoli seeds (cv. Tra-ditional) grown under controlled conditions were harvested after 11 days from germination and subjected to different blanching conditions based on a central composite design with temperature and time as experimental factors. Results were analyzed by ANOVA followed by a Tukey test. The optimum conditions were identified through response surface methodology. Blanching increased sul-foraphane content compared with untreated sprouts, agreeing with a decrease in total glucosinolates and glucoraphanin content. Temperature significantly affected SFN content. Higher temperatures and shorter immersion times favor glucoraphanin hydrolysis, thus increasing SFN content. The optimum conditions were blanching at 61 C for 4.8 min, resulting in 54.3 ± 0.20 µmol SFN/g dry weight, representing a 3.3-fold increase with respect to untreated sprouts. This is the highest SFN content reported for sprouts subjected to any treatment so far. The process described in this work may contribute to developing functional foods and nutraceuticals that provide sulforaphane as an active principle.

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