Microplastic pollution in coastal areas of Colombia: Review

Andrés A. Galindo Montero, Liceth Carolina Costa-Redondo, Oscar Vasco-Echeverri, Victoria A. Arana

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    Microplastics are distributed in the environment and are considered emerging pollutants because they are not regulated by legislation. This article aims to know the current state of knowledge regarding microplastic pollution in coastal areas of Colombia. Therefore, a detailed search was carried out in databases such as Scopus, Google Scholar, and university repositories collecting scientific and academic information published between 2000 and March 2022. As a result of the review, the presence of microplastics in coastal areas of Colombia was identified, particularly in the water, sediments, and fish, thus evidencing the contamination in coastal ecosystems, where the Caribbean coast is the area with the highest amount of microplastics in sediments, especially Cartagena (249–1387 particles/m2) and Santa Marta (144–791 particles/m2). It was also found that of 302 species of fish, 7% contained microplastics in the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta. In the studies, on the other hand, it was observed that there is no standardized methodology; each researcher chooses a different approach according to the scientific literature. The studies showed that the most abundant microplastics were secondary microplastics, of which polypropylene and polyethylene are predominant due to their different applications in society. This review will serve as a baseline for future research on microplastics in coastal areas of Colombia and will identify the challenges and realities of the country in the face of these emerging pollutants.

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