Model predictive real-time architecture for secondary voltage control of microgrids

Eros D. Escobar, Daniel Betancur, Tatiana Manrique, Idi A. Isaac

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The integration of new elements and technologies to the power grid, driven by the expansion of electric microgrids, brings various challenges requiring a suitable control architecture for systems to operate ensuring economic and reliable access to electricity. This paper presents the development of a time-varying constraint real-time model predictive secondary voltage control (MPVC) strategy for microgrids built up in a multi-class Python environment with InfluxDB and SQLExpress databases storing the controller and microgrid data, and its experimental implementation with Modbus communication to physical devices at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) campus microgrid. The microgrid characteristics are described and the experimental setup is presented. The mathematical model of the resource used as case study is obtained through experimental identification, and it is integrated to the MPVC scheme. Polytopic invariant sets are used as terminal sets in the MPVC scheme to ensure stability of the solution, and time-varying constraints of reactive power availability are considered. Validation studies of the proposed control system in computational simulation are presented prior to real application in the UPB campus microgrid. Controller performance results are described for three different implementation scenarios of low, medium and high variability of external disturbances, presenting adequate voltage regulation around the reference value and considerable dependence on the meteorological forecast quality. The model predictive voltage controller is finally benchmarked against a commercial microgrid controller to evaluate its performance, standing out as a more comprehensive and tailor-made solution.

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EstadoPublicada - 1 sep. 2023

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