Multichannel system with virtual instrumentation for an electronic tongue

Título traducido de la contribución: Sistema multicanal con instrumentación virtual para una lengua electrónica

Álvaro Arrieta A., Rosa L. Tarazona C.

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A multipotentiostat system for an electronic tongue by using virtual instrumentation for the control, adquisition and manipulation of the data generated and obtained in an electrochemical process based on the cyclic voltammetry technique was developed. A Labview 2009 ® application software was also developed. The NI 9263 data acquisition modules were used (eight-channel analogue current entrance module), NI 9203 (four-channel analogue current input module) and the CompactDAQ usb 9174 chasis of National Instruments ®. The basic circuit of the multipotentiostat with OP77 operational amplifiers was implemented. A ±5 V regulated source was designed to supply the operational amplifiers. The electrodes used to carry out the different tests were developed at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Montería sectional. Furthermore, the implemented system was used to discriminate and classify samples of commercial coffee in the region. This type of technological development, based on virtual instrumentation, has not been reported in the literature, thus, this research contributes greatly in the field of electronic tongues.

Título traducido de la contribuciónSistema multicanal con instrumentación virtual para una lengua electrónica
Idioma originalInglés
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EstadoPublicada - sep. 2014
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