Nickel-boron plating on magnesium and AZ91D alloy by a chromium-free electroless process

E. Correa, A. A. Zuleta, M. Sepúlveda, L. Guerra, J. G. Castaño, F. Echeverría, H. Liu, P. Skeldon, G. E. Thompson

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Ni-B coatings have been deposited directly on commercial purity magnesium and AZ91D magnesium alloy by a chromium-free electroless process and characterized using scanning electron microscopy, glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy, gravimetric measurements and, for corrosion evaluation, hydrogen evolution. The surfaces of the coatings reveal a typical cauliflower-type appearance and form at a rate of ~8 to 13μm/h. The nickel and boron contents of the coatings are relatively uniform across the whole thickness. The addition of NH 4HF 2 to the electroless bath improves the corrosion resistance provided by the coatings during immersion of coated substrates in sodium chloride solution.

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PublicaciónSurface and Coatings Technology
EstadoPublicada - 25 feb. 2012
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