Objeción de conciencia a la eutanasia: Un análisis bioético personalista para el caso colombiano

Edgar Alonso Vanegas Carvajal, Guillermo León Zuleta Salas

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Introduction. Before the decriminalization of euthanasia in Colombia, conscious objection emerges as a legal resource that held the doctor, who for reasons of conscience, refuses such practices configuring a conflict of interests in the care relationships. Objective. Identify the conditions of personal bioethical-possibility of conscientious objection to euthanasia in Colombia. They proposed two scenarios: in the first, an anthropological foundation appealing to the idea of biographical life in the thought of Julián Marías; and in the second, palliative care is proposed as a possible scenario for conscientious objection to euthanasia. Material and method. The theme is eminently documentary from the critical hermeneutics proposed by J. Habermas and K. Otto. Conclusions. Mariasian anthropology maintains a commitment to the moral integrity of the different life trajectories, that because they are biographical, they are configured as personal, but open to establishing dialectical relationships with other trajectories, given the relational nature of consciousness. Faced with the reality of pain, suffering and death, the bioethical model centered on the person understands that the most appropriate exit does not seem to be a right to die with dignity, how much an adequate reorientation of therapeutic efforts through palliative care.

Título traducido de la contribuciónConscientious objection to euthanasia: A personalistic bioethical analysis for the Colombian case
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