Papel de los exosomas en la angiogénesis, revascularización y respuesta inmune

Lina María Martínez-Sánchez, Miguel Eduardo Saavedra-Valencia, José Manuel Gil-Ramos

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    Introduction: Exosomes are nano-sized extracellular vesicles, which are generated when multivesicular endosomes fuse with the plasma membrane and the content of intraluminal vesicles released into the extracellular space. Are produced by almost all types of cells, under physiological and pathological conditions and they transport proteins, lipids and non-coding RNA (ribonucleic acid), from the stem cell to the recipient cell, these are considered a key point in tissue regeneration, which has been shown in a series of studies, with different body tissues, such as skin, cartilage, pancreatic and cardiovascular tissues. Objective: To explain the general aspects and possible uses of exosomes in the medical field. Methods: A search for information was carried out by consulting the Scielo, PubMed, ScienceDirect and Lilacs databases, in Spanish and English, with different combinations of keywords and MESH terms such as: exosomes, neovascularization, wound healing, immunity, microRNA, immunology, therapy, classification. Then, an analysis and summary of the reviewed information was carried out. Conclusions: Currently, exosomes have become the object of research for various treatments, drugs, and their use as molecular markers. They stand out in cancer therapies, immunomodulation, stimulation or suppression of angiogenesis, skin regeneration, and wound healing, which is why they are generally promising in the field of medical sciences.

    Título traducido de la contribuciónRole of exosomes in angiogenesis, revascularization and immune response
    Idioma originalEspañol
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    PublicaciónRevista Cubana de Hematologia, Inmunologia y Hemoterapia
    EstadoPublicada - 1 abr. 2022

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    • exosomes
    • immunity
    • neovascularization
    • transport vesicles
    • wound healing

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