Participation of women in the labor market in Colombia: Challenges and recent trends

Eddy Johanna Fajardo, Héctor Romero, María Camila álvarez, Johana Marcela Vargas

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The role that Colombian woman has played in different economic sectors of the national sphere has been seriously limited by a set of cultural, political and socioeconomic factors. Specifically, the problems which female face inside the labor market have been established in a series of paradigms, which determine the insertion of women to the labor market and prevent, the full development of her capacities, postponing the idea of a more just and enclosing society; one that is possible to reduce inequality and where it predominates sustainable development. In this way, across a descriptive analysis, it's studied the evolution of the behavior of the female participation in the labor market of Colombia for the period 2001-2016. It is necessary to highlight that, in agreement with the results, it can be denoted that sectors like Financial intermediation and that of the Trade, repair, restaurants and hotels, besides being pioneers in the national economy during the last six years have also become more inclusive. On the other hand, sectors as that of the Construction, Transport of storage and communications and Electricity supply, the gender gaps are more remarkable.
Idioma originalEspañol (Colombia)
EstadoPublicada - 2018
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Palabras clave

  • Desarrollo sostenible
  • Female labor participation
  • Inequality
  • Inequidad
  • Participación laboral femenina
  • Sustainable development

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