Políticas de salud pública para la prevención y el tratamiento de la enfermedad vascular cerebral: una revisión sistemática por medio de la metodología ToS (Tree of Science)

Daniel Alfredo Landínez Martínez, David Andrés Montoya Arenas

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    Objective: It is a must to identify the contribution of previous research and public health policies designed to prevent and treat stroke, in order to get to know action plans to obtain the desired results when approaching this illness. Moreover, these policies are important guidelines when it comes to promoting good health habits. However, current literature lacks a systematic review about the contribution of public health policies to stroke prevention and treatment in the U.S. of America, Mexico and Colombia. There- fore, the aim of this study is to present the most important findings about this matter in said countries. Methodology: This article proposes a search equation in the Web of Science (WoS) database from January 2001 to January 2018. Results: The main findings suggest three approaches related to public health policies and stroke prevention and treatment: In America (Guidelines of the American Stroke Association), in Mexico (Guidelines of the Mexican Stroke Association), and in Colombia (Guidelines of the Health and Social Protection Ministry). Conclusions: This article contains recommendations that range from the pre-hospital stage to time after the stroke. They include the medical, rehabilitation, food care and physical activity approach, as well as action strategies in case of suspected stroke. Key words: public health; primary prevention; stroke; practice guideline.
    Idioma originalEspañol (Colombia)
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    EstadoPublicada - 2019

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