Rehabilitation of Patients with Arthrogenic Muscular Inhibition in Pathologies of Knee Using Virtual Reality

Juan Pablo Flórez Fonnegra, Andrea Carolina Pino Prestan, Lucelly López López, Juan C. Yepes, Vera Z. Pérez

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    Arthrogenic muscle inhibition (AMI) refers to muscular alterations that are generated, producing biomechanical motor control and movement problems, leading to deficiencies in strength and atrophy. Currently, there exist methods that involve virtual reality (VR) and have been well perceived by physiotherapists. The present research measured the potential benefits in terms of therapeutic adherence and speed of recovery, through a comparative analysis in a healthcare provider institution, in Medellín, Colombia, with and without the aid of VR. For this purpose, dynamometry, and surface electromyography (sEMG) signal acquisition tools were used. The treatment involved neuromodulation, ranges of motion and mobility work, strengthening and reintegration into movement, complemented with TENS, NMENS and therapeutic exercise, where the patient was expected to receive a satisfactory and faster adherence and recovery. A group of 15 people with AMI who include at least 15 min of VR per session in their treatment were compared with another group who received only the base treatment, i.e., the control group. Analyzing the variables individually, it is possible to affirm that VR, as a complement, statistically significantly improved the therapeutic adherence in 33.3% for CG and 37.5% for IG. Additionally, it increased strength with both legs, the symmetry between them, and decreased the level of pain and stiffness that is related to mobility.
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    EstadoPublicada - nov. 2023

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