Simulation of the gasification process of palm kernel shell using Aspen PLUS

J. C. Acevedo, F. R. Posso, J. M. Durán, E. Arenas

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This research sought to simulate gasification of palm kernel shell (PKS) in stationary state by using Aspen PLUS®. The model can predict the syngas composition with 1.6% absolute error. Biomass is defined as a non-conventional component from its proximate and ultimate analyses. The gasification process was divided into four stages: drying, pyrolysis, oxidation, and reduction, simulated in two R-Yield and R-Equil reactors, specified through the physicochemical characterization of the PKS and the chemical reactions in equilibrium intervening in the gasification. Simulation results were validated with experimental results from other investigations with similar operating conditions. Production of H2 and CO2 increases by increasing temperature from 700 to 900°C, contrary to what occurs with CO that diminishes at higher temperatures. The steam/biomass (S/B) ratio has a significant effect on the proportion of H2 in the syngas, given that it diminishes significantly by 20.3% upon increasing the S/B ratio from 1.5 to 2.5, showing the same trend for the CO and CO2 gases.
Idioma originalInglés
Número de artículo012010
PublicaciónJournal of Physics: Conference Series
EstadoPublicada - 7 dic. 2018
Evento4th International Meeting on Applied Sciences and Engineering, EISI 2018 - San Jose de Cucuta, Colombia
Duración: 3 sep. 20187 sep. 2018

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