Spectrum of clinical signs and genetic characterization of gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy in a colombian family

Sara Morantes, Cerys J. Evans, Ana V. Valencia, Alice E. Davidson, Alison J. Hardcastle, Andrés Ruiz Linares, Stephen J. Tuft, Miguel Cuevas

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    Purpose: To describe the clinical signs of gelatinous drop-like corneal dystrophy (GDLD) in a consanguineous Colombian family and determine the underlying genetic cause. Methods: We performed ocular examination of available family members and bidirectionally Sanger sequenced the GDLD-associated gene, TACSTD2. In one individual, the presence of subepithelial amyloid was confirmed with biopsy. Results: The parents were consanguineous and 5 of their 10 children had GDLD. Typical mulberry subepithelial deposits with subepithelial vascularization were present in 3 individuals; 2 individuals only had mild polymorphic anterior stromal opacity. We identified a homozygous TACSTD2 missense mutation, c.551A>G, p.(Tyr184Cys), in the affected family members. Both parents were heterozygous for the mutation, and unaffected siblings were either heterozygous or homozygous wild-type for this allele. In the Colombian population, this mutation has a minor allele frequency of 0.53%. Conclusion: The clinical presentation of GDLD in this family was variable and does not solely support an age-dependent progression of the phenotype, suggesting that environmental or other genetic factors can modify phenotypic expression. The relatively high prevalence of this mutation in the Colombian population suggests that other individuals may have undiagnosed subclinical disease.

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