Structural characterization of post-consumption sludge as aggregates in construction materials

Giselle Carolina Barón-Gualdrón, Ángela Marcela Montaño-Angarita, Claudia Paulina Gonzalez-Cuervo, Carlos Alberto Rios-Reyes

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The present work covers the physical, mechanical and chemical characterization of pozzolanic materials. The pozzolans were obtained by mixing red clay, commercial bentonite and residual aluminous sludge, from a drinking water treatment plant. Ceramic cubes were manufactured, which were sintered at 1100°C and subsequently, were structurally characterized by DRX, SEM and EDS. Its compressive strength was also evaluated before and after being subjected to different environments. The results showed that the relations with which the standards for non-structural bricks according to NTC 4017 (100 Kgf/cm2)are maintained are those that contain 10%, 20% and 30% of mud with respect to the clay maintaining an aggregate of bentonite 10% with resistances of 123.62 Kgf/cm2, 112.90 Kgf/cm2 and 107.32 Kgf/cm2, respectively.Likewise,for units exposed to corrosive environments, the 10% replacement mixture is the only one that meets the criteria established by the standard with a resistance of 112,80 Kgf/cm2 and in abrasive environments mixtures of 10% and 20% with resistance of 116,75 Kgf/cm2 and 101,96 Kgf/cm2 respectively
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EstadoPublicada - ene. 2019

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  • DRX
  • Minerals
  • Resistencia
  • mecánica
  • SEM

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