Surface enhanced Raman scattering of some nanotechnological material systems: A computational approach

F. R. Pérez, A. S. Merlano, W. Silva, I. Salazar

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    Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy or scattering, is an old analytical technique having multiple applications, but it still remains with great challenges. The complex physical and chemical processes involved results in difficulties for modelling and experimentation. In this work, numerical results of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy spectra for some systems of interest in nanoscience and nanotechnology, monochlorobiphenyl isomers, graphene, magnetite and graphene oxide, are presented and discussed. A single gold nanoparticle and a dimer gold nanoparticle were utilized as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates. The possibility of predicting structural properties of graphene oxide from comparison between its experimental and simulated Raman spectra is discussed. A relation between the enhancement factor for the G band of graphene oxide and the radius of a spherical nanoparticle dimer of gold, is suggested.

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    Número de artículo012011
    PublicaciónJournal of Physics: Conference Series
    EstadoPublicada - 18 jun. 2020
    Evento16th National Meeting on Optics, ENO 2019 and 7th Andean and Caribbean Conference on Optics and Its Applications, CANCOA 2019 - Monteria, Colombia
    Duración: 26 nov. 201930 nov. 2019

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